Sunday, November 18

One little sweater

I went to the Treasure Tea after church today - apparently we are supposed to have our donations to hand in. Really?

So after meeting Juanita and conspiring to start a needle club so we can work on hand-worked donations all year - still working on the name - and nearly destroying someone else's donations of glassware - these were placed in a 2-part box that I didn't quite understand at the time - I went home and lined up the donations.

Still have to sew up the tops of 2 teddy bears, decide if I want to buy more yarn to finish the tomten jacket that I made to use up a rogue skein of yarn, and ponder the possibility of more Christmas ornaments.

I put the kill on the Baby Surprise jacket. I couldn't find any buttons in my tins and containers so I crocheted big yellow blobs that I think are a nice contrast to the purple. Scotty isn't too sure about it all -

I guess naming the church group "stitch and bitch" is out as well as "needle fever" Hmmm...will give this some thought and good for you to take this on!
Oh. Oops. Were we supposed to bring the hand-mades in? I always did that when I came to help with set-up the day before.
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