Monday, September 29

Happy birthday to me!

DD#2, who doesn't get any play on this blog any more, sent me a birthday present from Denmark. And if my birthday hadn't been on a Sunday, I might have got it right on time. I don't know where she gets that!

Black licorice. She went to a movie and I asked her if they served popcorn. She could smell it but didn't see it. The black licorice made an impression on her, though, because she is so repulsed by it. I likes it a lot.

Yarn: Duo, 540m. 2 skeins. Wow. A berry purple and a grape purple. I took about 20 pictures that were only variations of dark. I also got a mystery hank (no label) that I have asked about. Very exciting!

Also two brochures of Danish knitting projects. Not the patterns but I bet I could figure them out. Babies, children, adult men and women. Love it, love it, love it.

In the immortal words of Sandra Boynton:

"Hippo birdie 2 ewes.
Hippo birdie 2 ewes.
Hippo birdie deer ewe.
Hippo birdie 2 ewes."

Get it? Ewes. It's a knitters birthday wish. daughter wants you to knit her a sweater and the other sends you yarn and knitting stuff from "overseas". See, you are using your powers for good not evil :)
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