Sunday, October 12

I never do this

What, you may ask? Have a clean spot this big on the dining table? Take pictures of knitting this early on a Sunday morning?

Assemble knitting as I go.

But I have also never knit a left front (for an adult) that starts with 30 stitches, then decreases to FEWER. Is this going to fit?

I started with a sleeve, my gauge swatch. Looked good, even a little capacious. The back was as fun and quick to knit but I got worried that there might be a width issue, shall we say. The yarn is bouncy (Blackberry Ridge, medium weight) but a stretchy bottom is not the look I'm going for.

Next step had to be a front.

There is still a 5-inch button band.

Yank, Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines, pp. 28-32.

O-oh! Check the fit.

I thought you meant post to the block twice in one month.
Blog. Post to the blog!
I thought you meant sew up a garment after "all in one" sweater.
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