Saturday, October 25

Knittin' with your noggin

We all use needles of different sizes and yarn made from animal, vegetable or mineral but not all of us use our brains to knit. I forge ahead, step by step through the instructions. More times than I care to admit have I moved to the next step in the directions, nay, phrase, only to find out I was supposed to do something at the same time. Right?

I might have become smarter. I definitely read the whole pattern for Yank, because I think I have read the whole book. I LOVE this book. I might make everything in this book (no, wait, not the mohair shawl - no offense). I wanted to start the right front of Yank and heard the warning bells as I read the instructions: "Work as for the left front . . . "

NOooo! WrOonnNG! There are stitches to set up the seam (besides reading the pattern, I have sewn the left seam - down below, on the cleanish dining room table) that would be knit on the band side if one works "as for the left front." There is a big clue in the picture on pg. 32. Two beautiful purl stitches snuggled up against the right band (honest - turn yourself away from the picture, pretend you have an orange in the hand on the same side as the picture - right front). The k1, p1, k1 in the directions for my size will not achieve that look. Doesn't take a math genius - 3 different stitches would not be the same as 1 different, 2 same stitches.

Go ahead and continue on to read pg. 33. Awesome.

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