Friday, January 2

Day 2 and I'm keeping my resolution

In an effort to finish more in 2009, I reached deep into the pile of knitting projects that have accumulated and the elves have not finished. So much time and yarn and so little to wear!

I assembled Audrey (Louisa Harding). Made for DD#3 who then told me she doesn't wear hand knits I think she decided to adopt it after all when she saw what kind of a life the vest faced if I wear it. So much promise in my imagination but, alas, too small for me in reality.

The Wool Gathering #76, Guernsey Pullover, lacked one sleeve. Knit from the bottom up, split at the underarms for the detail on the yoke, then finished with the sleeves knit from the top down.

I bought all the Filatura di Crosa 501 that Nana's Knitting Shop had on hand but the math told me I was one skein short. I will never believe the math again! I thought I would have to go with 3/4 length sleeves but the way the sweater turned out with droopy shoulders, the sleeves are comfortable. Next time I walk the fine line between ample and not enough yarn, I hope I remember to cast on using a provisional cast-on so I can work the interesting bits (yoke and sleeves), then work the boring stockinette stitch with the flexible sizing (body length and possibly circumference). I am fascinated with the Indian Corn stitch. I had hoped to finish off the sleeves with that detail also.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Let's see the projects as they are finished. You'd better get cracking on that Tree of Life graducation afghan.....
Happy New Year and where are the pictures? I especially want to see the Indian Corn stitch.
Much better with pictures!
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