Thursday, January 22

Presents on Ravelry

If you want to knit a pair of child's mittens, go to Ravelry and enter that search phrase in the Patterns search. If you keep scrolling for, maybe 6 pages, you will see this example:

by Kajsa Lindquist
from Nomis #5, Scandinavian Snow Sets
6.5 stitches = 1 inch

I put my picture up and when the pattern was not included in the possibilities, I entered the pattern from this little book. I think I got the booklet with a bag of needles I bought at a garage sale in Americus, IN.

This is the second picture of mine that is the example for a pattern.

The first one was for a neckwarmer named Wayne F by Amy Anderson. I am still surprised that there are not more of her patterns in Ravelry. I bought this pattern and others from Lakeside Fibers in Madison, WI. If a neckwarmer pattern is not available in Wisconsin, where the heck can you find one?

I gave the neckwarmer to my mother in law who visited from Mississippi in Nov. Even though this was before Thanksgiving, the temperature was about 40 degrees and all she had was an Army jacket. Brrr

I will probably never see this again but I still have the cashmere I bought at the same time. I might make a different Amy Anderson pattern. And post it on Ravelry.

Keep the cashmere for yourself and don't give it away. The neckwarmer is really a cute idea. Am loving all the pictures!
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