Sunday, January 11

Snow, snow, snow

It's been snowing since Thursday night. This weather makes me want to bake bread. That's what we did in 1977 when my parents and 5 kids were snowbound for 2 weeks. Baked up all the flour, sewed up my mother's fabric stash, and used up all the toilet paper. Then some farmers cleared the road and all the adults headed for the bar.

No one in Chicago gets stuck for very long, especially now that Richie has backed off his plan to plow the side streets only during regular working hours in order to sock the money away for the Olympics. Our sidewalks are kept cleared by the janitor with his snowblower and different grounds crews for the UC and parking facilities with snowplows on their Gators. Living on a bus route means the street in front is plowed as a main artery.

Regardless, the snowflakes blowing sideways outside the windows made me think I needed warmth and good smells in the apartment. I baked applesauce bread and made a pot of black-eyed peas using the roasted chicken from earlier in the week. I wanted new wool socks, and these would be perfect if I could use the Paton's Kroy (Gentry Grey)I got for Christmas.

I disappointed myself on Friday night by not finding the project of my dreams - I almost started the Yarn Harlot's Keystone socks - but then just before bedtime, I found Scandinavian Socks in The Little Box of Socks. Just the thing! Combined with Regia 4 Fach Haltbar and the sock is knitting up very cushy. I am tempted to make a sleeve instead.

But starting a project at 10pm is not a good idea. I guess I decided to go with the women's large/men's regular size, which turned out to be a bad idea when I thought the Lacy Rib socks would be for me. As I started the heel flap on 35 sts, I began to think these socks would be too big. DD#1 thinks the socks are pretty. Now she has a new pair on the way.

I love the color combo for the socks! Am getting worried about the Tree of Life is not feeling the love...
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