Monday, February 9

Knitted fantasies

At the Brooklyn Dry Goods store, where everything was 20% off, I bought magical things:

The green yarn, Jamieson's Jumper Yarn, is a great shade that I don't find around here. Four skeins is 100 gms, 460 yds.

The coral yarn is Lobster Pot Yarns, cashmere -I think I will make the neckwarmer from IW Holiday Knits. I have a brown coat also and while I am not up a creek without a scarf, I think cashmere next to my neck will be just the thing.

I have seen Jan Messent's Knitted Gardens in catalogues for a long time and have wanted that book. A knitted world of flowers and cottages. BDG had a great variety of books that I haven't seen at local yarn stores (Loopy and Nana's), including Knitted Gardens. What I never saw in a catalogue are hedgehogs, squirrels, and doves:

I love this book as much as I thought. My first project will be a pond. I need to find instructions on how to knit a duck and a frog. Surround the pond by a garden of long grass then work into a cottage garden -

The University of Chicago laid off approx 450 people today so besides thinking about knitted gardens, I drank some wine, called April, and took a picture of a cat:

Next step is to have coffee with Julie.

A knitted St. Francis. I never would have thought of it.

And, whoa. 450?
Did the coffee with Julie negate the effects of the wine? You are taking knitting to a whole "new" level....just no toilet paper covers :)
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