Sunday, June 14

25 years later

Phew! What a month!

I finished my Wrapped in Tradition poncho in time to wear it to DD#3's graduation. The lace poncho was fun - I wanted to keep knitting to see what the next pattern would look like. Getting the daughter through to the end was the challenge. I wanted her to stop working through the stages and behaviors and phases -

Before graduation, we went to the annual scholarship reception with DD#2 who came in town from Pittsburgh. That was on a Monday. The Sunday before was when we moved DD#1 to her new apt - shared with 3 other women and 2 cats. As far north as we are south, but in a more interesting area for a 24-year old. The Saturday before the move on Sunday was the 2009 prom for DD#3. Cute - was not as fun as she thought but there you are. The Friday before the Saturday was prom #1 which she attended with her friend who didn't have a date. This was at her former high school so was kind of a nice good-bye.

And the weekend before the weekend of receptions, moving, and proms was our 25th wedding anniversary. Who knew how this would all turn out?

Congratulations! You were a June bride? How nice.
No way would she be married in JUNE! A May bride :)

....from the one who WAS married in June...also 25 years ago :)
The lace shawl is awesome....if it ever needs a new Katie would love it....bring it to the Midwest Fiber Arts Festival!
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