Saturday, September 26

Cast on in haste

repent at leisure. Knit with regret. Knit with dread. Knit forever.

I bought MDKOL last October when Ann was at Loopy Yarns, bought the boatload of yarn for the Libery afghan immediately, and even wound some yarn on the bus home. I was done with the facing by the time I went to bed. I was excited!

This all came to a slow halt in the cold light of day though. Two-stranded knitting has a certain rhythm. Slow. The pattern reveals itself in due course, after a lot of knitting. I knit through the top of the artichoke, the flame, the tree - call that shorter motif what you want, you don't see its full glory for 46 rows into the pattern. 46 rows x 200 stitches, two strands of yarn with size 8 needles

I am in awe of all those ravelers who have already completed this afghan, especially those with a deadline but I had to move on. Notice all those projects listed above Liberty to the right -

Now that the Chicago air has a certain crispness and all schools are back in session, I have pulled out the afghan again. After spending so much time an established part of the fireplace, I had moved the bag to my new yarn closet. I had to think exactly where I had rearranged the project to sit. Nothing had been done. Alas, there was as little as I thought.

One week of ignoring my a4A project, the blessing of the animals project, and everything going on around me, I have finally finished the full repeat - 20% complete. I moved the progress bar on my Ravelry entry. Yoo hoo! Only 4 more repeats, 80% of the afghan, to go.

I am in awe of you...
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