Monday, September 7


When I read about the Iraqi Bundles of Love last week at WoolGathering and then again at Mason-Dixon Knitting, I thought, what a good idea. I wish I had enough stuff to fill a box.

Oh pleez. Who am I kidding?

On the floor of DD#3's closet, under her high school collection of discarded clothing and purses bought on impulse, was a box containing a tangled mess of acrylic yarn as well as this

In the spirit I received this bounty - I had no yarn, wanted yarn, would take any yarn, and used a lot of the yarn - I am passing it on to others who will appreciate having yarn.

Shifting a whole box out of the apt is enough incentive to get to the post office across the street from my office, get back home at lunch, stuff the box, and mail it at the end of the day. IBOL box postmark deadline is 9/8/09.

Good job!
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