Sunday, February 7

Eternal gift

I started this shawl for a dear friend and almost finished it August 2009. I know that because I posted the project on Ravelry - the body stitched, the trim nearly done. A modification of Ishbel - instead of stockinette, the body of the shawl is garter stitch.

I knit on trim from Galina Khmeleva's Gossamer Webs. Knitting at 90 degrees to the body worked fine until I got to the tip of the triangle.

The project stalled when I was confronted with the math - how to modify the perpendicular, straight line, to match the point of the triangle?

I made notes, sketched out a medallion, knit and ripped. Let it lie.

Then my dear friend died unexpectedly. I lost my friend and I had an unfinished gift.

Over the autumn, I explored other shawlette patterns. I made a completely different scarf. When I picked up the shawl again, I let my fingers guide the way. I knit an inexpert solution. Knit to the stitch before center, slip, knit 2 together, pass the slipped stitch over. I continued the spine down the center, decreased the stitches, and ended up with a bit of a point. Done.

I wore the shawl to dinner with friends today. Not to show what I did, but what I meant to give to our friend. I knew these smart ladies would know what I should do with the late gift. We will share the shawl among ourselves, wear our friend's love, and pass it on.

I love you as my friend :) and am happy you finished the shawl and can share it as well.
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