Thursday, July 8

How long does it take?

This is a question knitters get from time to time. Time spent on a project is hard to quantify because nothing is done in one sitting. I, for one, do not practice knitting monogamy. Does one count the amount of time sitting motionless, watching the ball going towards the goal and then ricocheting off the pole? How about the time spent yelling at the refs?

I could tell you, step by step, exactly how long these socks have took to knit if I could remember how to make a line in Photoshop. Instead, I'll use my words.

As we drove through Indiana and Ohio, I knit a cuff the length of my hand.

I knit the heel and turned the heel before we got to Exit 111 on I-80 (Clearfield) but that includes our dinner at the Dutch Pantry and watching the weather channel while Chicago was under a tornado warning.

Then the toe decrease was worked around packing, cleaning, sweeping, storing DD#3 stuff in Brooklyn. And waiting through traffic on the Queens/Brooklyn Expressway, getting to a hotel in the LaGuardia area. Brooklyn is a hotel desert.

I did a temporary 3-needle bind-off because I didn't pack a needle nor my plasticated Kitchner instructions.

Sock #2:

This much was done NJ/Pennsylvania. There were two back-ups that swelled the clock. One was a spinning roll-over accident on I-282 in NJ. The minivan was upside down still when we passed by. The other one was so slow that we got off on exit 242 and detoured through charming
rural PA to exit 224 where traffic was moving as if there were not a cork stuck in the bottle. You never know if the detour will take longer than sitting it out. But I can tell you there is nothing more interminable that watching the back end of a semi trailer at 15 miles an hour.

I don't think I did any knitting when we visited DD#2 in Pittsburgh. I'm pretty sure I didn't do any knitting. We spent some time with the ping-pong table in her living room and the rest of the time staring at the floor - how can anyone live with all that stuff on the floor? Clothes, pennies, quarters, empty envelopes - she says no food but I have my doubts about that.

And then the heel/gusset/insole as we zipped through OH/IN.

I was so relieved to be back home that I put the sock aside while I reacquainted myself with the kitties, did laundry (no coins! no laundry cards! no stairs!), enjoyed our central air.

Central air is a gift from the gods! Am so happy about your new laundry facilities :) oh, and the sock looks good too!
I now have to be Mrs. B from my google account and cannot put my name only, and have to sign in....
I am not a happy techno person! :(
(message left by April!)
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