Tuesday, February 8

An attempt at lace and the snow

I started to knit the Corner to Corner Shawl around Christmas because blog-free April sent me a present of two marvelous skeins of green alpaca fingering weight yarn.

Not so easy! I have actually ripped out some rows already, then noted the exact count on the pattern

and yet, still do not have the right pattern going

I'll rip it again - there are probably 8 rows to take out. Where is that lifeline?

I love knitting this pattern though.

To take your mind off my miserable knitting, look what else I did

I shoveled that (and more), Can you see how DEEP that snow is? A drift to the front door of our building.

I ventured farther than the front door on Wed, 2/2, and, once again, am glad I don't have to drive in this weather.

Shawl weather, no doubt about it. Maybe that should be the next UFO I dig out.
See, this is why you should keep modifying patterns to the way you want!
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