Friday, February 25

Knitting in my head

I keep a mental inventory of my unfinished projects - I remember my Liberty afghan, the mystery afghan, Yank done in the Blackberry Farms de-stash blog yarn with the sleeves that slipped gauge, 2 Ramblin' Rows afghans, 2 recent failed sweaters. But I wasn't keeping track of these:

The pink ones were a Christmas present that didn't work out. When DD#1 tried the one finished sock on (maybe Christmas day) and she didn't feel that cozy hug of knitting, I lost interest. Tucked the whole project away in the nice handpainted box.

The gray and blue socks were a make-up present that got put aside but I'm surprised that I didn't do more work on #2 - oops. DD#1: I owe you!

Love, mom.

Ungrateful DD1 not wanting pink handmade socks....I'll take 'em ha!
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