Tuesday, December 27

Still with the knitting

I have a backlog of knitting to finish. News about the reduced economy, hungry children, abandoned pets in foreclosed houses have made me feel very guilty about the abundance of yarn and numerous UFOs that need attention.

But first I started and finished new projects:

From Knit Your Own Dog, a mini Rogie for my boss:

Mini Rogie needs a blue harness collar and a red leash to match Real Rogie.

Knitting fans all over ask for their own knitted objects, though they are unwilling to learn to knit and make their own knitted objects. I spent 1/2 hour of my free time on each of my staff and made everyone an ornament (from Handknit Holidays):

The ornament in these pictures is made from Palette on size 2 dpns and is only about 3-4" in circumference - the 2009 Franklin Habit ornament provides scale; the staff gifts were of Baby Ull, a bit more than 5" in circumference, made on size 4 dpns. If I were to calculate each half-hour at my salary rate, my staff got a very nice present indeed but value-added for me was using up stash yarn and whittling away at that bag of a lifetime's supply of polyester fiberfill.

Here is the prototype for a gift I made for DD#2.

Sailor's Rib Fingerless Mitts, free pattern from Mountain Colors. I made these mitts from the yarn remains of other projects. The green is from Solitude in their early days at the DuPont Farmers Market (Washington, DC - I miss going to SfN~!) and the brown is handspun by Vera Videnovich, which I bought at YarnCon #1 (Chicago).

Imagine my surprise when DD#2 pulled out a pair of fingerless mitts I made some time in the past. Those were made out of Brown Sheep Wildfoote - I knew I made something out of that yarn but just couldn't remember what. I need to get a picture for my Ravelry page (largesse from donation made to a friend's knitting club).

I also don't have pictures of DD#2 gifts - I managed to use up the colorful parts of two skeins of Noro Kureyon for her mitts (greens and midnight blues) and some orange Lobster Pot cashmere (Brooklyn General Store) with some purple, unmarked (probably bulky Malabrigo from Nana's Knits). Amazingly, she was pleased with both presents and has texted to let me know she is wearing them. Gotta get a picture of that as well!

What wonderful pictures! LOVE the little doggie and the ornaments....may have to make some now!
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