Thursday, March 29

Knitting clutter

I have a lot of knitting clutter. This picture is a good illustration

A second sock in progress, a sweater on the needles, a unique design that caught my eye but failed to grab my imagination.

Not just projects taking up space on the table or hanging out in the bathroom. I have projects that are tucked away in dresser drawers, bags in the closet, the basket in the hallway. And then there are the projects I haven't started yet but think about as I drift off to sleep.

I started a new shawl with yarn I bought in 2006. Here is the yarn as I blogged back then

I was shocked that people could knit with thread.

And here is when I thought the yarn would become Icarus:

Phew - that was a project over my head. I had a lot to learn about stitch markers.

Now I want to make the yarn into Bridgewater.

I thought I would spend a little time at night knitting a row or two, just like reading a chapter before turning out the light. But it became compelling. Knit on the diagonal, the first half of the middle square is an increase at the beginning of each row. I zipped to 75 stitches and then had to concentrate on increasing on up to 204 stitches. Golf season has helped.

Now I am in the decrease half and it seems to be taking forever to decrease the last 95 stitches. This has given me some time to think about the project. I took advise from my knitting group, KKP. We all agreed I don't have enough yarn for 5 repeats of the horseshoe lace trim over 450+ stitches and then the perpendicular final trim over 450+ rows. I bought some more on Ravelry.

It's hermetically sealed merino laceweight!

So my stashbusting project has grown my clutter but cleared my mind. Now I dream of blocking a finished shawl and feeling it around my neck.

P.S. This is not clutter but a work of art by blueroompottery on I got my Christmas present from DD#1 on St. Patrick's Day.

It's not clutter...only a physical manifestation of creativity! I love the Bridgewater shawl too!!!!
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