Wednesday, April 11

Of needles and hiking

Scotty is checking out the second sock of the project that brought me out of my knitting funk. I lost one of the needles somewhere between the curb and the coffee table when unpacking the van after our trip to Brown County, IN. Never fear, Elizabeth Zimmermann encourages knitters not to be so dogmatic in time of need. One can easily substitute an emergency needle of indeterminate size - drastic times call for drastic measures. And I recently completed the inventory of my needle collection so I know I have an amazing set of Crystal Palace bamboo, sz 1-1/2 (2.5). That is plenty close to size 1 (2.0). Julie gave them to me. This is going to work out just fine. The substitute needle gets moved around each section so there is not a bloated row lined up one over the other. And there is that wonder called blocking, or easing after a wash. I don't block socks.

I took the project with me on our short Spring Break vacation to Brown County, Indiana. What you should always take on spring break is your winter coat. Rain and wind, but I got a couple short hikes with the family and one by myself.

Some of the trails were created by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Beautiful limestone bridges and revetments are still in use.

I highly recommend a trip south.

Wow. No wonder you advise everyone to go to Brown County. Absolutely amazing.
no mention off DD#1. thaaaaanks.
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